Staying Together

28 12 2012

Chaos is the name of the game at the mall during the holidays. My husband and I had ducked into the giant retail space to see about exchanging a gift. We waded through the crowded shoppers, weaving and winding our way through the streams of humanity intent on completing their lists and heading toward home.

That is when she caught my eye. A mom and her two daughters were attempting to negotiate the traffic. Mom was forging ahead, moving through the roadblocks and urging her girls to keep up. Big sister was two steps behind mom, holding little sister’s hand. Together they were an adorable pair.

Abruptly, the crowd shifted, separating little sister from her family. Small and suddenly alone, she stopped in the middle of the mass of people, frozen and overwhelmed. You could see the panic rise in her eyes. She didn’t know where to go, what to do, or who to follow.

Just as we were getting ready to step in and help, big sister reappeared. She took her little sister’s hand, peace replaced panic, and together they skipped off to rejoin their mother. Watching them walk away, God reminded me of a profound truth.

Many times, I am that little girl. I do fine as long as I have somebody to walk with, talk to, and keep up with. When I let go or decide I can travel on my own, I end up alone and frozen in the middle of the chaos, panic rising in my eyes, wondering what to do and where to turn. Joy fills the moment when someone takes my hand and reminds me to stay together.

My Jesus Resolution today is to stick to my family. Holding hands, linking hearts, and staying connected with God’s family isn’t just an idea for Sunday morning. We need each other. In the middle of this pressing, pushing, crazy, chaotic world, I need others who will watch out for me, and make sure that I stay close to those who will help me look like Jesus. I need to keep my eyes open for brothers and sisters who are stuck alone in the crushing crowds, and be willing to reach out a hand and remind them of the power of staying together.



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