The Battle

24 10 2012

The car always seems to be the place where my deepest conversations about God occur. We were driving along listening to ‘God’ songs, as my little friend likes to call them. We were singing and talking when all of the sudden things got quiet in the back seat.

“Who is Satan?” my little friend asked.

“Satan is the devil. He is a bad guy and God’s enemy,” I told him. His eyes lit up. Bad guys are a big deal in his world. In the eyes of a six-year-old, everything is framed in the light of heroes and villains. “Do they battle?” he asked. “Yes, they battle, but Jesus always wins.”

“Do they have weapons?” The look on his face was priceless. I thought for a moment about how to answer his deep question. Whether he realized it or not, he was pulling back the curtain on the cosmic struggle that permeates our world and invades our lives. This battle finds us facing an enemy who will use trickery, temptation, and the tantalizing lures of selfishness, pride, and comfort to draw us away from the One who protects our souls. “Yes,” I answered. “Satan’s weapon is lies. God’s weapon is the Truth. And Truth always wins.”

I am thankful for the deep wisdom of six-year olds. His questions reminded me to open my eyes. Satan’s lies often look so substantial. They paint pictures of unstoppable might and overwhelming odds. They make me feel helpless, vulnerable, and alone. They appear to block the exits, erect barriers, and trap me in worry and hopelessness. The truth is that Satan’s lies are illusions. Vapors of reality built on the shifting sand of a defeated grab for glory.

My Jesus Resolution today is to embrace the power I have in God’s Truth. God’s truth is rock-solid. It doesn’t come and go, fluctuating with the latest trend. It stands as a beacon when I am lost, an anchor when I am storm-tossed, and arms that hold me close when I am broken. God’s weapon is my weapon. With it, I can puncture Satan’s lies and move even closer to the heart of the One who is Truth.



2 responses

24 10 2012
Helene Smith

I was reading a book today and struggling to understand what was wrong with the author’s idea. I realized he had about 95% fact and 5% lie. Not only was it hard to sort out the good from the bad but because of the insidious lies even the good was colored. Thanks for pointing out that Satan’s weapon is a lie!

28 10 2012
Amanda Embry

I always seem to have the deepest conversations with my kids in the kitchen – while we’re eating or they are coloring at the table. They can really take me off guard!

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