The Right Side

26 10 2012

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” – Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s thought humbles me. It challenges me to look deeply into my soul. I am scared of the answers I will find.  Am I willing to leave “my side” in order to walk by His side? Will I surrender the lines that I have drawn around my life to keep me safe, to remain in control, or to make myself look good in order to move more fully in His will? What if He calls me to go to the other “side” and love the people I find there?

Too often, I want to fix myself in a certain place and ask God to come and join me. I stand in my little box, expecting God to bless my efforts, give success to my plans, and allow my agenda to unfold. I want God on my side. I want Him to approve my stance and confirm my vision.

“Follow Me,” Jesus said.

Leave your comfort zones, your security blankets, your safe places, your carefully managed life and follow Me. Walk by My side. Take a risk of faith and live in the adventure I have planned for you. Open your heart and let me write my love story on your soul. Being willing to open your eyes and experience my grace in immeasurable and unfathomable ways. Am I willing to risk, experience, all it means to follow?

My Jesus Resolution today is to focus less on defining the boundaries of “my side” and more on walking by His side. Imagine the way our families, churches, and nation would look different if we all set our hearts to being on God’s side, rather than barricading ourselves on “our side.” Walls would disappear. Boundaries would be blurred. Conflicts would cease. Peace would abound. Joy would be rampant. Love would know no limits. There is room at the cross for everyone, and that is the only side I want to be on.



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