Raining Acorns

22 10 2012

They pelted me on the head. Early this morning, I was walking through the neighborhood. Quiet filled the streets and settled my soul. The soft colors of the dawn were just beginning to peak over the horizon. I smiled at the streaks of gold, pink, purple, and blue filling the sky.


Acorns came crashing through the calm. Walking under an oak tree, I experienced an avalanche of acorns. It was literally raining acorns. They fell on me, hit the ground, rolled into the street, and made music everywhere they landed. With its own rhythm, the oak tree dropped its seeds to the ground in a symphony written by God Himself.

I rubbed my head, smiling at God’s sense of humor. Sometimes, I really do have to be hit in the head to get it. I am supposed to be like that oak tree.

Oak trees grow, mature, and produce fruit. Within each acorn is the possibility of life. They are transformation packaged in a seed. Holding an acorn in my fingers means I can hold an oak tree. All the potential, all the beauty, all the might of the oak lies in the acorn. It just has to be planted.

With the right soil, some water and sunshine, and time, an acorn will grow. Slowly. It won’t become what it is going to be overnight. It has to dig down deep and grow up tall. But grow it will. An acorn is a promise of God’s power. It reminds us that He is ready to unleash His grace into our souls. My job is to plant the seed, send down roots, and let it grow.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pick up an acorn. I am going to carry it as a reminder of God’s promises and presence in my life. I am going to let it inspire me to surrender that piece of my heart I have been holding back. I am going to look at my acorn and see the transformation God has in store for me. I am going to let it remind me to be patient. Oaks trees don’t grow in a day, or even a year. Looking like Jesus will take me even longer, but I am going to let the acorn teach me that transformation is real and God is true to His word.



One response

22 10 2012
Tina Tyson

I just wanted to say thank you for your words. We are using your book Living Stones in our Bible study on Wed. Nights. I have just found your blog and cant wait to share it. Thank you for your inspiring words in this troubling time.

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