27 06 2012

It is the simple things that catch your heart and leave you different. I just got back from taking a group of teens to do VBS for underprivileged children. There were no burning bushes, no writing on the walls, or seas parting at our feet. There were, however, enough encounters with God to leave you humbled, wide-eyed, and changed.

These God moments came in the form of little arms and giant hugs, small voices singing the big truths about Jesus Loves Me and the B-I-B-L-E, and hungry hearts being fed the Bread of Life. Children absorbed love like sponges. Teens saw with new eyes as little ones copied their steps, their words, and their attitudes. Adults stood amazed as God moved in and reminded us of the power of living fully in His presence.

Wrapping up the week, we stood in a circle talking about all the ways we had seen Jesus. Best things and blessings piled up in our hearts, breaking the hard places, and opening our eyes. One of the gentlemen standing there with us remarked that you can’t help but be changed by coming to this place. “You will always leave different. Every time.”

His words echo in my mind. Every encounter with God has the potential to leave us changed, transformed. And every day holds the possibility of meeting Him. However, in the ordinary surroundings of my routine, I miss Him. Busyness creates blinders to His presence. The familiar sometimes prevents me from seeing His face.

My Jesus Resolution today is to expect to be changed. He is here, as much in my heap of laundry as the hill country of Texas. As much in my workplace as in worship. As much in the familiar as the foreign. The difference is in my expectation. When I go on a mission trip, to church, or into someplace new, I have my eyes open for His presence. Today I am going to expect to see Him around the corner in my laundry room, at the grocery store, and in the dishes. And every time I meet Him, I am going to be changed.



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14 08 2012

It is often we get busy in our day and don’t expect to see hear or feel God and I can’t imagine not having Him in my life. So I continue to pray Lord I believe continue to help my unbelief because it is You I desire to please and embrace. Thank you that even in my aloneness You are with me in my thoughts You are with me continue to transform me with Your love in Jesus name I ask and pray and ask You Heavenly Father send Your love to all in need. Amen. Each day present an opportunity to learn and understand more of our Savior whether through joy or tribulation He shows Himself able to lift the burdens and carry the woes of the world yet today Matthew 11:28-30 may He grant full understanding of its meaning personally for His servants near and far.

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