One, Two, Three, Pray

29 06 2012

She stood on the hillside overlooking the cold water below. The teens were taking turns jumping off the embankment into the deep waters of the river. Screams of delight and shouts of encouragement filled the air.

Having swum across the river, climbed up the tree roots, and hiked the trail to the top, she now stood at the edge. What had looked like so much fun from the bottom now had a different feel.

She stood frozen for a minute contemplating her options. Possibilities meandered their way through her mind like the river water far below. Fear pulsed through her veins. For just a moment, her world was reduced to one simple question – jump or not jump?

She jumped.

Arms in the air, a thrilled scream of terror echoed in the trees. She plunged below the surface and came up with a grin. She then scrambled to do it again.

Later, she swam back over to where the less courageous were sitting. One lady asked her how she did it. She answered, “I said, ‘One, two, three, prayed to God, and jumped.” The woman sitting in the shallows shook her head in disbelief. “No really. That is what I did. One, two, three, pray.” In her words, I heard a formula for facing my fears.

My Jesus Resolution today is to jump. There is a fear that is holding me back. It keeps me from being and having all that God wants for me. It is a fear of the unknown, of looking foolish, of being transparent, of being rejected, of being accepted, of messing it up, or getting it right. Today I am going to take a leap of faith. I am going to trust God and jump – into His arms. I am going to take a deep breath, ready my heart, and shout – one, two, three, pray, and then soar.



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