25 06 2012

The sign made me smile, and set me to thinking. The front of a local tire company asked passersby the question of the day. “Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”

The sign is right. Attitudes are contagious. Being around someone who is grumpy makes me grumpy too. Laughter is infectious. Worry likes to find company. Joy flies best when it can spread its wings. Anger tends to crawl through the cracks, while a sunny disposition lights up the whole room.

The Bible bears witness to this particular truth. The fear of the ten spies spread through the camp like wildfire. David’s confidence in God gave Israel courage to face the giant. Hezekiah’s dependence, Joshua’s courage, Elijah’s boldness, and Daniel’s integrity all “infected” those around them and pointed them to God.

Attitudes are the focus that we bring into a moment. They have the ability to point us in the right direction or spin us around until we have lost our bearings. Attitudes won’t change our circumstances, but they are powerful tools that allow us to see God’s hand, live in His purpose, and lean on His love.

My Jesus Resolution is to examine my attitude. Is it worth catching? Would seeing my eyes, hearing my words, and listening to my tone of voice in another cause me to cringe or be thankful? Encouragers are people who are deliberate about sharing their Christ-infused attitudes with others. Today I am going to remember that my attitude is contagious. I want to spread Jesus everywhere I go.



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