22 06 2012

He is six years old, with a head full of curls and dark brown eyes. He brought his paper to the preacher with wide eyes, anxious to see how his masterpiece was going to be received.

Each week the young children in our congregation are challenged to listen to the sermon and draw a picture of the Bible lesson we share. This week, our minister began a new series on growing deep roots. Walking through Jeremiah 17:5-8, we dug deeply into the prophet’s holy horticulture lesson, and committed ourselves to planting everything we are firmly in the person and presence of Jesus.

What picture would you draw? A small plant barely sticking its head out of the ground is the first thing you see when you look at the little boy’s picture. Three-fourths of the page is sky, room to grow, thrive, and flourish in this bright world. It is, however, what is below the surface that causes you to stop and reflect. Below the brown line that serves as the ground, there are a myriad of roots. Each one stretching out to hold the plant in place, giving it the anchor and nourishment it needs to grow. But he didn’t stop there. He named the roots. Each one was identified with someone who is helping him grow to look like Jesus – mom, dad, brother, sister, preacher, friend. It was a humbling, “aha” moment.

The little boy caught the most important lesson of the day. Roots are not intangible threads we throw out and hope they catch. Roots are the people who have a hold of our hearts. The friends that listen, encourage, and open doors into His presence. Family members who show us what it means to look like Jesus day in and day out. Brothers and sisters in Christ who model Him so that we can glimpse who He calls us to be.

My Jesus Resolution today is to name my roots. Who are the people who have helped to anchor me in Christ? I am going to stop and give thanks for each one by name. Who nourishes my relationship with Jesus? Who encourages me to be more like Him? I am going to pause and praise Him for the people He uses as blessings in my life. In what way can I be a root for someone else? Who can I help today take in more of Jesus?



One response

24 06 2012
Molly Bedrich

Love, love, love this! Naming my roots! Ever thought of yourself as a root before?

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