The Water Dish

20 06 2012

He wouldn’t move. Stubborn and weary, my little dog planted himself on the tile in the kitchen, his pink tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. His breath was coming in bursts as he sprawled out on the floor, taking in the cool air.

We had just come in from a walk. The hot, humid temperatures pierced even the early morning hours in a way that announced that summer was settling in for a long stay. I poured myself a glass of water and started working on my list for the rest of the day.

Several minutes later, I found my dog in exactly the same place. I called him, but he wouldn’t budge. Lying next to his water dish, he ignored me with a tenacity that signaled his determination to stay where he was. He wasn’t going to move.

Walking all the way into the kitchen, I finally saw what was inspiring his resolve. His water dish was empty. He needed water, and wasn’t going to go anywhere else until his thirst had been quenched. I filled his dish with cool water, watching him lap up the liquid before finally finding a place in the sun to take a nap.

He taught me a lesson this morning. When he was thirsty, he knew where to go. He didn’t run around looking for another solution. He didn’t try to solve his own problem. He waited. Quietly, determinedly, patiently waited. I need to be more like my dog.

“O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” – Psalm 63:1

My Jesus Resolution today is to wait for water. Walking with God has the power to make us thirsty for His presence and hungry for His voice. I am going to satisfy myself only in Him. The world tempts me to search for my own answers and meet my own needs. I am not going to do it. Instead, I am going to tenaciously wait for God, and enjoy the sweet refreshment He has planned for my soul.



One response

22 06 2012

Well said, and so true.I connect so strongly with Psalm 119– The more I drink, the more I want. Oh for a life where I could spend all day in prayer and the Word!

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