4 05 2012

Today is Star Wars Day. It is a play on the date May 4th – May the Force be with you. We love Star Wars at our house. The classic movies tell the story of Luke Skywalker and his travels into another world. It is a world filled with adventure, unusual characters, challenges, struggles, and friendship. In this galaxy far, far away, Luke’s story mirrors the journey we all take to discover who we are and our place in the universe.

In many ways, Star Wars is a story about discovering and choosing your identity. Luke Skywalker is ripped from the home he has always known and confronted with the truth that there is more to his life than he could imagine. From the beginning, Star Wars is a movie about becoming and the choices that we make to get there. Every step of the way, Luke has to decide whether to take the easy path or the right path, to follow the way of the Force or the Dark Side.

One of the climatic moments in Star Wars happens when Luke discovers that the evil Darth Vader is really his father. In that revelation, Luke has a choice – follow in his father’s steps or choose his own destiny. Luke chooses light over darkness, saves the galaxy, and learns that good does triumph over evil.

Our stories will never be played out on the big screen, but the choices we make are even more dramatic. Like Luke, life gives us a choice about identity. Who do we want to be? The world calls us into the shadows, encouraging us to choose our own paths, to live within the confines it sets up for us, to make life what we can make of it. God calls us to live a life grounded in His reality. It is a bigger, more daring, more adventurous life than we could ever dream of for ourselves. It requires a leap of faith, surrender of all we are, and the willingness to be more than we could imagine on our own.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be who God wants me to be. He is willing to work in me to shape my identity and make me His own. I want to make the right choice. I want to live His adventure. I am willing to leave what is comfortable in order to be conformed into His likeness. Who do you want to be? The choice is yours. May the Lord be with you.



One response

4 05 2012
Paula Pancoast

We wrote our own VBS using this Star Wars theme. Everything you have pointed out in your post was done in skits, bible stories, a home made video with Luke S. and all the characters and an actual R2D2 who talked to the kids each night. It was fun reading your post. Thanks again for sharing your gifts with the world. Keep em coming!
Paula Pancoast
Trumbull church of Christ

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