The Cost

7 05 2012

I honked my horn. I would like to tell you that I did it because of my concern for the safety and well-being of the other driver, but it wasn’t like that. I was in a hurry. I was rushing from one deadline to another appointment, and was impatient. The light turned green and the other driver didn’t move. I waited for a moment and still no forward motion. Finally, I honked my horn. The look she gave me wasn’t one of thankful appreciation.

I shrugged my shoulders and set my sights on reaching my destination. Still in front of me, the other driver matched the turns I was planning on taking. We seemed to be heading in the same direction. With big eyes, I watched her turn into the parking lot of my destination. All of the sudden, I felt a little ashamed.

I got out of my car, and so did she. We both walked into the shop. She wouldn’t even look my direction. No chance for a pleasant conversation. No opportunity to offer a blessing or extend grace. My impatience had closed a door that I didn’t even realize might be open.

Too many times, I forget that little moves can have a big impact. Small kindnesses can reveal deep love. A whispered word can shout compassion. An extended hand can point to open arms. The opposite is true as well. A moment of complaining feeds a discontent spirit. A thoughtless word punctures someone’s fragile hope. A second of impatience closes the door to someone’s heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to count the cost. There is a cost in choosing to look like Jesus. It may require obedience, surrender, sacrifice, or setting down my own desires. But there is also a cost in choosing not to look like Jesus. My soul loses the opportunity to walk in His steps and catch a deeper glimpse of His heart. Another may see my behavior and not see Jesus at all.



3 responses

7 05 2012
Velma LaMonte

I am so enjoying in receiving your emails. I have been on a wayward path and am trying to get myself back to the truth. Thanks for your use of God’s words of wisdom and truth in a manner that makes things so clear and applicable to our everyday lives.

7 05 2012
Oleta Coleman

Wow! just like that we close doors of opportunity every day, don’t we? Thanks for the reminder.

8 05 2012

Thank you for remiding us, we really need to think before we act..

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