The Baby

2 05 2012

It was the sweetest sound. I knew her family would be fretting about the little noises the baby was making, but it was perfect. They were seated on the row behind us during worship. It was time for the Lord’s Supper. Quiet settled over the room as hearts prepared to meet Jesus around His table. That is when I heard her.

She is just a few weeks old. Snuggled in loving arms, I wish that I could have seen her sweet face, but all I heard was the sound of little lips on the bottle. Taking my own nourishment from the Bread of Life, I closed my eyes and listened. Her dependence, her trust, and her contentment to be held in the arms of love all spoke a powerful message to my heart.

I want to be just like her.

Her innocence calls me to the purity and holiness of a sinless Savior. Her utter reliance on those around her challenges me to let go of the pieces of my heart I still try to control. I want to be as thirsty for the Living Water as she is for her bottle. I long to drink deeply, satisfying my soul on the nourishment that comes straight from His grace. Nestled in the strong, protective arms of her family, her sweet gurgles of contentment make me examine where I find refreshment. I want to rest in arms that long to hold me close.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:4)

My Jesus Resolution today is to follow her example. This little one taught me a lesson. Only a few weeks old and she is pointing the way to Jesus. Too often, families worry about bringing their children into worship, but children have the ability to light the way to the cross. Even in their wiggles, whispers, giggles, and stubborn moments. They are physical pictures of my growing faith. They show me who I am, what I can be, and how to be more like Jesus by becoming more childlike.



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