Two Questions

30 04 2012

I was a visitor. I sat in the unfamiliar pew, taking in the worship that flowed around me and through me. The minister finished his comments and the congregation moved to wrap up the time of surrender, praise, and encouragement. As a final reminder, the preacher challenged us to take two questions with us into our week. Who will you love today? Who will you serve today?

It has been several days now since I heard his voice, and still his questions are resonating through my heart. They are brilliant questions. God-shaped questions. Questions capable of focusing our eyes, directing our steps, and strengthening our resolve. They challenge me to be specific about walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Who will you love today? Be concrete. Think of a name. Picture a face. How will you wrap God’s affection around someone’s heart today? What will they know about Jesus and His amazing love because you met them on the way today?

Who will you serve today? Be specific. Make a plan. Search for a need. Who will feel the touch of Christ’s hands on their life today because you reached out? How will you leave the fragrance of His nearness in someone’s path today?

We know that Jesus calls us to love and to serve, but too often they become vague, generalized instructions without a tangible focus. These two questions give Christ’s call a face and purpose.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask and answer these two questions. I want to ask them both in the morning and at night. I want them to shape my prayers and open my eyes as I begin my day. Who will I love today? Who will I serve? I want to deliberately search out specific opportunities to love somebody and serve another in His name. In the evening, I want the answers to fuel my thanksgiving and help me trace His fingerprints on my day. Whom did I love? Whom did I serve? I am going to ask myself two questions today. In their answers, I will learn to see Jesus.



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