Leap Day

29 02 2012

Today is Leap Day – the day in which we realign the calendar with the time clock of the heavens. Every four years since the time of Julius Caesar, February 29th has been the day in which we reconcile the fact that the earth turns just a tad more than 365 times in a year.

Leap Day is a bonus day. Only once every four years do we get 366 days on our calendar. What will you do with your extra twenty-four hours? I know that most of us will engage in our regular routine today. We have to go to work, head off to school, do laundry, pay bills, and walk the dog. But don’t miss the opportunity to experience all the possibilities and potential that God has built into this day. Here are ten suggestions of ways to make this bonus day a blessing day.

1. See if you can count twenty-nine blessings that are unique to today.

2. Smile at twenty-nine people.

3. Be quiet for twenty-nine minutes.

4. Read Psalm 29 out loud.

5. Make a list of twenty-nine reasons God is worthy of your praise.

6. On the twenty-ninth minute of every hour, pause and tell God thank you for sending Jesus.

7. Pray for the twenty-ninth person in your phone contact list or list of Facebook friends.

8. Take twenty-nine seconds and tell someone you love them.

9. Go outside and see if you can count twenty-nine stars.

10. Remember that God loves you at least twenty-nine times more than you can imagine.

My Jesus Resolution today is to leap. I want to leap to attention when I hear His voice. I want my heart to leap when I recognize His great love. I want to take a leap of faith as He calls me into His deep purpose. I want my soul to leap with joy as I experience His grace. Today I am going to leap at the chance to open my eyes to His presence, and let my heart leap at the opportunity to be more like Jesus.



One response

29 02 2012
Renee Johnson

Casandra, You are AMAZING!!!
I pray that before this day is over, you receive at least 29 hugs!
They might come in different forms, so be watchful. 🙂
God bless your day!

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