Occupy the Kingdom

27 02 2012

I saw it on a church sign – “Protest sin. Occupy our pews.” Playing off of the media focus on the Occupy Wall Street and other protests meant to spotlight the inequity of corporate wealth, fiscal irresponsibility, and the need for greater social justice, this sign reminds us that there is a bigger battle to fight and more at stake than the size of a CEO’s bank account.

The idea of protesting sin is intriguing. The Christian life, by its very nature, should be a protest against sin. When we walk with Jesus, we reject the way of the world, turn our back on its values, and shut our ears to its voice. Light shines in the darkness revealing the sordid character of selfishness and the twisted tricks of temptation. The aroma of Christ penetrates the stench of sin, offering an invitation while also laying out an indictment. Salt cuts through the rancidness of rebellion, revealing the distastefulness of doing what is right in our own eyes.

On a personal level, I need to protest sin in my own heart. Too many times I am content to shrug my shoulders and let sin coexist with the seed of God’s Word. I need to be offended by its presence, commit myself to cutting it out of my life, and be willing to take whatever steps are necessary to change the landscape of my thinking, attitudes, motives, and desires.

The best protest against sin is to occupy the kingdom of God. We need to live in His presence, rest in His mercy, position ourselves in His faithfulness, and set up camp around the cross. We need to move under the canopy of His grace, and let our knees bend before His sovereignty. When we occupy the kingdom, we let the King occupy us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to become a protester and an occupier. I don’t often think of myself as a radical or a rebel, but following Jesus means doing things differently than the ninety-nine percent. Today I am going to protest the sin that fills up too many places in my heart. I am going to set my stake at the foot of the cross, determined to camp there until the borders of the kingdom fully encompass my life. The best way to change the world is to let Jesus change me.



One response

27 02 2012
Brenda Young

Amazing how you so often post on exactly what God seems to moving me towards! I love when I feel Him speaking me in ways that I so clearly understand. Most often that message comes in most clearly in your writings. Thank you Cassandra for opening your heart to Gods message to so many and sharing it so simply to so many of us.

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