No Matter Where

2 03 2012

The text message simply read, “Sitting in jail.” Rolling my eyes, I glanced at the message from my daughter. This wasn’t the first time she had made a trip to the police station for a task for school. I smiled, and sent back an answer teasing her about her current living situation.

She didn’t respond. A shadow passed through my mind like a cloud drifting past the sun. Was she okay? I tried to call. No answer. Her phone went straight to voice mail. I received a message from my husband, who had also gotten her text message, asking if I had talked to her. I hadn’t. His concern was contagious. Minutes passed by with no word. A wiggle of doubt started to crawl through my stomach. The miles between us suddenly seemed very long.

Finally, she called. She was fine. She had been at the jail on an errand. I took a deep breath, thankful to hear her laugh. Space and time resumed their normal parameters.

Those few minutes, however, turned my mind to the heart of God. There is never a moment when God doesn’t know exactly where you are. His eyes are on you. His presence is with you. His love surrounds you. His grace invites you. His power awaits you.

No matter where you find yourself, you can be sure that God is with you. It doesn’t matter how dark the day, how desperate the moment, or how shameful the circumstances are – God knows where you are. No matter what you have done, where you find yourself, who you are with, or why you are there, God wants you to know that His presence is personal and real.

My Jesus Resolution today is to read Psalm 139. David’s words are a beautiful reminder of the reality of God’s nearness to my heart. I want to remember that God notices the details of my life. His eyes are on me. His voice is calling me. His love pursues me. I want to pause today and catch my reflection in His gaze. I am never just another face in the crowd. I am never invisible, unnoticed, or unseen. No matter where I am.



2 responses

3 03 2012
Jeanie Dodd

I read you post every single day, without fail. I met you when you came to Ft. Gibson for our Ladies Day and enjoyed your presentation so much. I am invovled with our church ministry at the women’s prison at Taft, Ok. and am printing many of your “posts” to share with the ladies there. They are starving for the Word.

5 03 2012

Thank you for this post. I sure appreciate the way God speaks through you! I enjoyed meeting you at Clifty Falls this past weekend – thorugh the storms and through your lessons – God spoke to me and I will let it root! God bless you!

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