His Workmanship

17 02 2012

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10

God is invested in you. You will find His fingerprints on your DNA. His attention to detail shows up in your eyes. Your soul is a reflection of His very own image. From your very first moments, God has been knitting you together, weaving your cells, sinews, muscles, and bones into the frame that will carry His greatest masterpiece into the world.

When we enter into Christ through the new birth of baptism, God unveils His greatest creativity. We become His workmanship – the product of His love. Held within the word workmanship is the idea that we are God’s masterpiece, His poetry. Think about what that means. God uses you to express His beauty to the world.

The same fingers that placed each star in the velvet night sky touches your soul with His power. The same voice that called the mountains to rise and ordered the sea into its boundaries calls you to walk by His side. The same breath that brought Adam to life lives inside of you. All of the beauty we see in the sunrise, the wonder we witness on a mountaintop, the power we experience in the ocean currents, the exquisite attention to detail evident in the butterfly are just road signs to help you grasp what He can do in you.

The masterpiece that God is creating in you is the image of Jesus. Stroke by stroke, His artistry is being revealed in your life. Line by line, the poetry that expresses His infinite love and matchless grace is being written on your heart. Note by note, a symphony that rises in praise to the King is being composed in your soul.

My Jesus Resolution today is to appreciate His beauty. I want to surrender the canvas of my life to the Artist. I want Him to paint His masterpiece in every corner of my heart. I long for His poetry to be written across the pages of my days. Too often I look in the mirror and see a mess. God sees a masterpiece in the making. He calls me to look at my reflection through His eyes. When I do, I can see the outline of Jesus taking shape in me.



One response

17 02 2012
Martha Fassino

This is beautiful. Thank you.

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