20 02 2012

She is one of those beautiful women. In her eighties, she walks a bit more slowly than she used to, but her heart is soft and tender as it bows in surrender to her King. She greets me every week with a smile and a hug. She is delighted to be in worship, and looks forward to the times when she can celebrate all that Jesus has done for her.

I like listening to her stories. She has lived a rich, full life of service and consecration. She knows much about the landscape of God’s character, the rhythm of His heart, and the depth of His grace. Her words are laced with the wisdom that flows from a lifetime of walking with the Lord.

It was the grin on her face that caught my attention this morning. I went from being intrigued to humbled in the space of a few seconds. She wanted to tell me something new she had learned about Jesus during the week. Her eyes grew big as she explained how she was seeing Him in new ways, discovering His presence in ordinary moments, and hearing His heartbeat as never before. Her willingness to be teachable, to find joy in learning, is an extraordinary lesson.

Too many times I miss the opportunity to learn something about Jesus. I get busy, and let the lessons rush past me. I am noisy, and miss His quiet whispers. I think I already have the answers, and so I turn my attention elsewhere. Being teachable means that my heart is always ready to learn.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be more like my friend. I want to be a learner. The classroom of His grace is always open. Sometimes the lessons are found in quiet, unusual, or unexpected places – in the questions of a child, the kindness of a stranger, or in the eyes of someone sitting next to you. God has something He wants to teach me today. The question is – am I ready to learn?



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21 02 2012
Barb Wangerin

Cassandra it truly is those moments when the answers we seek regarding why am I here, with this friend, struggling to keep the relationship, and contemplating walking away, when we realize that God has you there not only as an encourager, but as a learner. When we stop to hear the lesson delivered by the one “we” thought we were teaching, we get a humbling lesson. Thank you for reminding me of this today.
Appreciate you.

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