Spiritual Vitamins

15 02 2012

Do you take vitamins? Vitamins are nutritional supplements. They are designed to help us bolster our immune systems, plug in the holes in our diets, and ensure that we have all the nutrients we need to stay strong and healthy. Every day I take a multi-vitamin because I want to take care of my body.

A young mom told me the neatest story. On her kitchen table, she has two jars of vitamins. One bottle holds the basic, regular body vitamins. The other jar holds her family’s spiritual vitamins. The spiritual vitamin jar is filled with Bible verses. She writes pieces of scripture on slips of paper, placing them in the bottle for her family. Each morning at breakfast, her children take their multi-vitamin, and then read their spiritual vitamin for the day. At dinner, this family talks about how the wisdom they read in the morning covered their hearts during the day.

There is profound wisdom in having that jar of spiritual vitamins on the table. She is teaching her children that taking care of the spiritual is as important as taking care of the physical. Every morning she arms them with a shield for their souls. She bolsters their hearts, encouraging them to take God’s Word with them into their days. Every night they talk about how God protected them, guided them, and blessed them because they planted His Word deep within their hearts.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look at my Bible differently. It is nutrition for my soul. It has the power to help me be healthy, strong, vibrant, and alive. Making it a part of who I am will blunt the things that want to attack my spirit, help me keep my balance, and give me more spiritual energy during the day. If I take my spiritual vitamins, I might find that I sing more, worry less, sleep better, smile bigger, pray deeper, see farther, love quicker, and look more like Jesus.



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