My Heart

13 02 2012

Hearts are funny things. They can soar, be weighed down, be light, be heavy, be broken, be mended, be empty, or be so full that you feel like you are going to burst. We talk about people ripping our hearts out, giving someone the keys to our heart, or expressing heart-felt emotion. On Valentine’s Day, we might tell someone that we love them will all of our hearts.

How careful are you with your heart? Proverbs 4:23 tell us, “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” Our hearts hold the essence of who we are. It is the spring from which the rest of our lives flow. Our hearts define us, guide us, and shape how we walk in the world. What we love speaks volumes about our priorities, our perspective, and our possibilities.

God wants our life springs, our hearts, to remain pure and crystal clear. It is amazing how we cringe at the idea of drinking polluted water, but let the world’s muck cloud the waters of our hearts. What fills our hearts affects the rest of who we are. It impacts our choices, determines our direction, influences our vision, sways our satisfaction, and defines our relationships.

If we want to look like Jesus, it must begin with our hearts. The very best way to keep your heart safe is to give it to God. He will protect you, love you, fill you, and cover your heart with His immense power and unlimited faithfulness. He will seal your heart with His Spirit, live inside your heart, and guard your heart with His peace.

My Jesus Resolution today is to give God my heart. Every day I get to make the choice about what to put in my heart, where to let my heart rest, and who I will give the key to my heart. I can give the world unlimited access to who I am, or let God be the gatekeeper of my heart. If I want Jesus to flow out of my heart, I must daily make the decision to let Jesus fill my heart.



One response

13 02 2012
Sherri Roberts

Thank you again for all your wonderful posts. This is perfect timing. I am sitting at my computer planning to put some special valentines together for my girls. My plan is to put some scriptures on cut out hearts pertaining to God’s love and our hearts. I think I will copy your post and put it in the envelope with those hearts to have at our special Valentine breakfast. I usually buy several things for the girls. Their dad did get them something that will be delivered to school, but I think insight into God’s love for us will be a better gift than anything money could buy!

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