10 02 2012

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

We walk in small worlds. We all tend to move through life with eyes that only extend out to the edges of our own little worlds. We don’t mean to only see so far. We want to have hearts that take in the hurts, wounds, and troubles of others, but our own struggles take on a life of their own and keep us tightly focused.

Kindness is an innocuous word in our society. It is a nice thing to extend to animals and small children. Kindness doesn’t get much attention. It is seen as something pleasant to do or be if you can, but it will get you run over if you go too far.

God’s kindness is not just a pleasant gesture. It is an extension of His grace, an element of His love, and evidence of His faithfulness. His kindness is an incredibly powerful force. Because it is a part of His character, God calls for it to be abundant in the hearts of His people.

In kindness, we notice. We see another’s heart. We pay attention, and see what is in someone’s eyes or below the surface in their hearts. In seeing them, we give them room to grow, learn, love, and hurt. When we are kind, we help someone breathe in grace.

We are all struggling. We all wrestle with fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties. We all have baggage. Some of us try to hide it. Others try decorating it, advertising it, or burying it. But Plato is right. Everyone you meet today is fighting some kind of battle. You may not see it, or ever know what it is, but the battle is still there. Being kind gives them a chance to glimpse God on the battlefield.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be kind. I am going to be deliberate about looking in the eyes of the people I meet today. I am going to pay attention to the opportunities I have to extend a little grace, offer some hope, and do something kind. Kindness never seems like a big deal to the one offering it, but to the one who receives it, it is something extraordinary.



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