The Writing on the Wall

8 02 2012

We decided to remodel our bathroom. It was time. We had a leak in the shower, and since we had to fix that, we determined that it would be a good time to redo the whole room. We ripped everything out, taking the room down to its shell. It was a mess.

We slowly rebuilt every part of the room. We installed a new shower, refinished the cabinets, and put up sheetrock. Friends came over to lend their expertise. The kids got a first-hand experience in demolition and construction, and we all grew to appreciate the luxury of having more than one working bathroom for a family of five.

Finally we were ready to move on to the finishing touches. We picked out paint and chose trim to make it all look warm and inviting. Looking at the blank sheetrock reminded me of Deuteronomy 6:9, where Moses instructs the people to write God’s Word on the doorframes of their houses. That gave me the idea. I gave each child a marker and asked them to write their favorite Bible verse on the wall. I explained that it would all be covered with paint and by the trim, but we would always know that it was there.

Wide-eyed and wondering about mom’s sudden leniency toward writing on the walls, my kids stepped into the bathroom. They each took a turn writing God’s Word in the room. My husband and I added our own verses, and we all crowded into the bathroom to take a look. Scriptures about love, grace, transformation, and courage covered the walls.

We painted and finished out the room. Covering each word made us smile. We were embedding it in the framework of our house. We prayed that each time one of our children went into the bathroom, they would think about the words that they had written on the walls, and write them once again on their hearts.

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:11.

My Jesus Resolution today is to write His Word on my heart. I want His Word to leave an indelible mark on my life. I want it etched into the core of who I am. I want it to be so much a part of who I am that it is written into the framework of my being. When we hide His Word in our lives, it grows and blossoms. It stretches us as it expands our souls. It sends its roots down deep, displacing the old and securing the new. Today I am going start with one verse, and write it in big, bold letters on the wall of my heart.



2 responses

8 02 2012
Michelle M

We did the same thing when we built our house…our friends even came over and wrote their favorite scriptures on the door frames and studs, too! We took pictures of all the verses before the sheetrock went up. One day I will get them all in an album….what wonderful memories are inside these walls!

8 02 2012
Dena Dodd

This is a great!!! Makes me want to remodel a room just to get to do this! I am gonna share this with my kids so when they redo some of their rooms they can do this. Thanks!

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