I Love You Day

25 01 2012

My son had a great day. After a very stressful week, things were settling into place. He found a solution to a dilemma, is making new friends, and asking really good faith questions. We talked for a long time, and I watched Him trace God’s hand and see Christ in those around him. It was neat to hear him excited, and opening his eyes to all of the possibilities God has in store for him. It was an I Love You day.

My daughter had a terrible day. She called in tears, overwhelmed by the struggles that had swamped her day. Technical difficulties were causing great stress. The phone call she had been waiting for didn’t come. The new assignment was tougher than she imagined. She didn’t get her first, second, or even third choice. She needed help, and people were rude. She had a raging headache, and couldn’t see past the clouds. It broke my heart to hear her tears. It was an I Love You day.

It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having today. God says that today is an I Love You day. He loves you on your good days, terrible days, and the I-can’t-figure-it-out days. It doesn’t matter if you have all the answers, make the wrong choice, or are not sure of the questions. He loves you. His love for you is not dependent on your ability, good looks, smarts, checkbook balance, or the number of good things you do in a day. He loves you because you belong to Him. Good days or bad days will always find you at the center of His heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember that today is an I Love You day. No matter what happens today, I can be sure that God loves me. He is very close to me, whether circumstances make it easy to see Him or not. He is working on me, using every situation, every decision, and every smile or tear, to help me look more like Jesus. Knowing that it is an I Love You day should change the way I walk through my day, talk to the people I meet, and face the challenges that are ahead. But even if it doesn’t, even if I mess it up, it will still be an I Love You day.



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