Thank You

27 01 2012

It came in the mail. A sweet card from an even sweeter friend. It was a simple message. Just a couple of sentences about the value of our relationship and how she sees God at work. She said thank you, told me she loved me, and my spirit lifted above the clouds that had been hovering all week.

Such a simple gesture, and yet the impact was profound. Taking a few minutes to say thank you and telling someone how they look like Jesus for you has the power to lift hearts, open eyes, ignite praise, and activate smiles. Here are ten ideas for people who could use your thanks today.

1. A young mom who makes the effort to bring her little ones to church, even when they are cranky and she is tired.

2. An older person whose life is a shining example of Jesus.

3. Your spouse.

4. Your minister’s wife.

5. The church secretary.

6. Your child’s Bible Class teacher.

7. A missionary.

8. Your best friend.

9. Your kids.

10. The person who most looks like Jesus for you.

My Jesus Resolution today is to say thank you. God uses special people in my life every day to remind me of His love, to offer me encouragement, to help me laugh, to teach me His lessons, and to open my eyes to His presence. I don’t say thank you to Him or them often enough. Today I am going to find somebody to thank. I am going to tell God how grateful I am for His gift, and let someone know how God has used them to touch my heart.



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