23 01 2012

It was the neatest sight. The room was filled with round tables. At each table, adults and children gathered around together, heads bent over in concentration. They are working on learning the book of Genesis. Today, talk centered around Noah and the big flood. God’s voice boomed across the room, calling Noah to obedience. Noah built a boat, yielding his spirit, family, heart, and future to the faithfulness of the Lord.

As the ark began to take shape, you could feel the anticipation rising with the kids’ excitement. Here come the animals! Two by two, they crossed their imaginations as they pictured lions, bears, ostriches, and ladybugs marching into the ark. The rain began to fall, and children held their breath as lightning revealed the providence of God.

After a long forty days and forty nights, the rain ceases and the waiting begins. Even here, the children listen as the adults around the room trace God’s hand and point to His grace. Finally the rainbow arcs across the sky. Its colors making a promise we can still see today.

The story of Noah is filled with powerful lessons, but it was the hearts around the tables that spoke to me today. Adults giving up an afternoon to show kids how amazing God really is. Children willing to set down their video controllers to participate in the greatest story ever told. God at work in every heart as each one opens His Word and listens.

My Jesus Resolution today is to invest. I want to invest myself in God’s Word. I don’t just want to read the story. I long to experience His presence. I want to invest myself in people who will help me see God’s hand and live out His purpose. I am going to invest in someone who is just beginning the journey, and watch their wonder as they see God for the first time. God gave everything in order to invest in me. I am going to invest my heart in Him.



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