Clap of Thunder

15 07 2011

It was so loud that it startled me. A clap of thunder filled the afternoon sky with its boom. We jumped at the noise and turned our eyes toward the sky. Maybe today. Perhaps it will rain. The anticipation swelled inside of us, as hope took flight.

I wish I could tell you that we had buckets of rain, but it is still desperately dry. Instead, God used the thunder to drench my soul with a lesson about anticipating His presence. A clap of thunder is all that it took to draw my attention and light a fire of anticipation and hope. How many claps of thunder – small divine sparks – does God send my way each day, each one meant to draw my eyes to His face and my heart to His hands?

Here is a list of ten ‘claps of thunder’ that God may use today to help you anticipate His presence.

1. A cross on a building.

2. A hug from a friend.

3. A flower in the sidewalk.

4. A note in the mail.

5. A Bible verse.

6. Something delicious.

7. Tears.

8. Answered prayer.

9. Unanswered prayer.

10. An unexpected moment of quiet.

My Jesus Resolution today is to listen for God’s claps of thunder. He is faithful to plant reminders of His presence throughout my day. He wants to catch my attention, pull it back from the world, and refocus my eyes on His grace and His nearness. Too often I let noise, busyness, worry, and my need for control grab my heart and drown out His voice. Not today. I want today to be filled with an awareness of His presence. I want to hear the clap of thunder, and be filled with the anticipation of seeing His face and experiencing His joy.



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