Updating My Bible

13 07 2011

It just struck me as funny. I was running a regular update on my phone, and one of the instructions guided me toward an update available for an electronic Bible that I regularly use. I like having God’s Word with me all the time. Having a Bible on my phone has stretched my creativity as I find different ways to connect with His voice in new places and situations.

This morning as I clicked on the update button, I was overwhelmingly thankful for the surety of God’s Word. There are going to be updates to the electronic aspects of new technology, but there are no updates for the Bible itself. It is constant, sure, true, and faithful. God doesn’t need to send a message that He made a mistake in Genesis. There are no corrections for Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians or John’s message of hope in Revelation. The Gospels paint a picture of Jesus that is as perfect and compelling as it was two thousand years ago. The prophets still call people to walk with God, experience His grace, and live in His will.

The faithfulness of God, His constancy and unchanging nature, are essential ingredients of our faith. We don’t serve a God who constantly changes His mind, comes up with a new plan, or decides on a whim to rewrite His Word. Every day He calls us to Jesus. Every hour holds the opportunity to live in His presence. Every moment finds His hand reaching out for our hearts, inviting us into the transformation He has planned for us since before the foundation of the world.

My Jesus Resolution today is to memorize Hebrews 13:8. The Hebrews writer reminds me that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” We live in a world that prides itself on the speed, certainty, and necessity of change. Updating my phone is a small reminder that what worked yesterday needs to be tweaked today. But not God. The ancient paths hold a relevance for today that no update or app can provide. God’s Word still brings truth and stability to a world caught in sin’s free fall. Every time I use my phone today I am going to write Hebrews 13:8 on my heart. That will be the best update of all.



2 responses

13 07 2011
Molly Bedrich

Love this thought! I could hardly wait to read it after the title popped up. I too update the app on my phone as they are available; however, there is no greater comfort in this everchanging world than His consistent nature.

13 07 2011
Cathy Routh Good

I love that verse also. I am going to tape it on my mirror so I can see it every morning!!!

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