Sibling Night

11 07 2011

My kids were whispering. I raised my eyebrows and looked at my watch. I knew that it was only a matter of time before they made a request that was going to involve me giving them money and the car keys.

“You ask her.” “No, you ask her.” “It was your idea!” Obviously the plan was now complete. All they needed was parental approval and whatever resources it was going to require to make it work. I finally just told them to tell me what they wanted and how much it was going to cost. Six puzzled eyes turned my way as they stopped whispering. It still surprises them that I can read their minds.

“We want to have a sibling night.” They laid out their plan to spend the evening together, going to the movies, eating popcorn, and spending some time laughing, talking, and being together. They have discovered the joy of connecting with each other and investing their time and energy in the special relationship that exists between brothers and sisters. I said yes and pulled out my wallet. This is worth it.

My husband and I are thrilled that our kids are choosing to give themselves to a deeper relationship with each other. The memories, ties, confidences, and time that they share now will only build a bridge that will allow them to walk together into the future.

I imagine that God must be equally pleased when His children choose to invest in each other. When we take the time to learn about one another, spend time together, and build our relationships, it highlights the work of the Spirit in our lives. Unity, togetherness, delight in being one, and mutual love are all evidence of Christ’s transformation in our hearts.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35.

My Jesus Resolution today is to invest in some sibling time. We are the family of God. My brothers and sisters in Christ create a wall of love around me that helps me face each day with hope and grace. I want to know them better. I want to develop a deeper longing to be with them, to talk about the relationship we share, and to build a bridge that will help us all walk into tomorrow. It takes time and transparency to create a lasting connection. On the cross, God looked at our hearts and decided that it was worth it. So I am going to have lunch, send a card, make a phone call, sit on the porch, or give a hug. I am going to make time for some sibling time and watch God smile.



2 responses

11 07 2011
Cynthia Suggs

Oh how I wish I had siblings. Sometimes some of my grown children spend time together like this. I think that is so good. I will spend time with a sister in the Lord today.

13 07 2011
Linda Castleman

I love it, love it. Such a precious memory to hold. Reminds us of those precious moments when they were young and having a good time together.

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