The Christ Compliment

8 07 2011

I was cleaning the kitchen. I had made sandwiches for a group of teens working on plans for camp. The words to the “froggy” song floated in from the other room as I packed up pickles and put away what remained of lunch. I smiled as I listened to them talk about looking like Jesus and how they could show Him to the youngsters they were taking to camp. Serving kids who are committed to learning how to be servants is a neat way to spend an afternoon.

The gentleman walked over to the counter just as I was trying to decide whether to leave the brownies out for a few more minutes. Teens seem to get hungry again in thirty-seven minute cycles. He stood next to me and watched the kids with a twinkle in his eye. He is a quiet man with a servant heart, and a quick sense of humor. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you and your husband,” he began, and from there he spent the next few minutes telling me where he sees Jesus at work in our family.

It was a holy, humbling, precious moment. God used this gentleman’s words to trace His handprint on my children’s hearts. His comments became a lens through which I saw more clearly the movement of God in our lives. He encouraged me to press on, to keep trusting in God’s plan, and to become even more committed to Christ.

I am so thankful for his words, but I am even more grateful for his example. Taking a few minutes to express appreciation, say thank you, encourage someone to keep going, or verbalize where you see God at work is a tremendous gift. Too often, my eyes are so focused on myself that I miss these opportunities. Sometimes I notice, but don’t take the time to share what I see with someone else. Maybe I am embarrassed, busy, or filled with good intentions that just never get realized. Whatever the reason, these few minutes in the kitchen reminded me of the power of pointing out where you see Jesus in someone else’s life.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be deliberate about passing on a Christ compliment. I am going to keep my eyes open for an opportunity to tell someone that they look like Jesus. I want to notice the moment when someone surrenders and stand up and cheer. I want to pay attention to the quiet service another gives and thank them. I want to help a friend capture of glimpse of how God is working in their life. Today I am going to speak up. I am going to search for the moment when I can encourage someone’s faith and help them see Jesus the way I see Him in them.



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5 08 2012
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