Chocolate Cookies

18 07 2011

He had the biggest smile on his face. He was bringing me a bag, and you could tell that he was very proud. He handed me a bag of chocolate cookies. “This is for you!” he said. His mom told me how he saw the cookies at the store and insisted that I needed them. “She is out of cookies, mom. We have to get them.” So the cookies went into the basket and into my hands.

Now understand that I buy these cookies for him. They have been his special cookies at my house for years now. When I am out of cookies, he knows it. The emptiness in my cupboard is personal for him.

What I love most about this bag of cookies is the heart that motivated him to bring them to me. He knew I “needed” the chocolate cookies. My cookie jar was empty. He didn’t just assume that someone else would take care of it. He didn’t pester me to handle it. He decided to meet the need himself.

In his actions, I can see the seeds of a servant heart. At a young age, he is learning to look beyond himself and help someone else. He isn’t worried about what he can’t do. He is eagerly looking for ways he can help. He delights in finding something he can do to bring a smile to someone’s face.

My Jesus Resolution today is share my chocolate cookies. Too many times I catalog all the things I can’t do, the ways where I won’t be able to make a difference, or the stuff that is too big for me to handle. Today I am going to look for simple ways to share a smile and the sweet blessings God pours into our lives. Chocolate cookies are about more than a snack for a rumbly tummy. They create a bridge that connect hearts with love.



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