Touching The Clouds

29 04 2011

We were on the top of a mountain. The air was clean. The sky was blue. The view was magnificent. Lush green valleys gave way to strips of sand holding back the vastness of the ocean. We drove to a lookout point near the top of the mountain, and hiked to the summit. We spent our time exploring, taking pictures, marveling at God’s glory, and chasing kids.

Stopping for a picnic lunch, we enjoyed the beauty that was carved into the stone around us. These walls had seen more sunsets than I could count. These trees were older than my great grandfather. The intricate play of life all around me spoke to the intimate involvement of God on this mountain.

One of the neatest things to see was the cloud line. The mountain rose against the sky and pushed its way up through the cloud line, allowing those who stood at its peak the opportunity to stand above the clouds.

Clouds look different from the ground than they do from the mountain. On the ground, clouds can look menacing. They can block the light of the sun, bring an eerie darkness to our days, and appear threatening as they fill with wind and lightning. From the mountaintop, the clouds are beautiful. Standing on the summit, you are protected from the storms that are playing out below.

Driving back down the mountain, my children were fascinated as we descended through the cloud bank. We stopped on the side of the road and let them touch the clouds. They tried to put one in their pockets. In that moment, the clouds took on a different feel. They understood that how we view the clouds depends on where we stand.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember the lesson of the clouds. What seems dark and scary to me is perfectly clear from God’s throne. He knows exactly which way the winds are shifting. He can see the temporary nature of the storm that threatens to overwhelm me. He invites me into His presence and offers to help me see things from the vantage point of eternity. Clouds don’t have the substance they appear to have when you stand beneath them. Today I am going to remember that clouds are something you pass through on your way to the mountaintop.



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