Loving God’s Word

2 05 2011

She is in the third grade and cute as a button. Her strawberry blonde hair falls over her freckles. In her eyes, you can see the promise of the graceful woman she will one day become. Her heart, however, is already stunningly beautiful.

She loves God’s Word. Excited about learning something new, she leans forward to tell me lessons from David and Paul. She talks about wanting to learn more about Jesus. She anxiously tugs at her mom for permission to dive in and soak up more.

I want to be like her. How long has it been since a passion for God’s Word overwhelmed your heart? Like a sponge soaking in the ocean’s goodness, she lets lessons about God’s grace, love, mercy, and purpose shape her soul. Her heart creates a path for the light of His presence to direct her steps. Already a radiance  plays on her face because she spends time with God.

“Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” – Psalm 119:97 

My Jesus Resolution today is to love God’s Word. I want to do more than read it; I want to see God in its pages. I want to do more than listen; I want to anticipate the gentle whisper of His presence. I want to do more than dryly digest the words; I want to taste and see that the Lord is good. I want His light to shine from my eyes, His love to shape my soul, and His goodness to flow through my words. I want to be so in love with His Word that it inspires someone else to take a fresh look at Jesus.



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2 05 2011
Mary Moudy

I was hunting for the share sign where I could add this to my FB page. We all need this hunger!

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