Super Star Day

27 04 2011

It is a play day at our house. I picked up our four year old friend from school, and we set out for an adventure. He settled into his car seat, wiping the sweat from his face and dumping the sand from his shoes. “Did you have a good day at school?” I asked. “Yes! It was a super star day!”

Super star day is a phrase that developed from another dear friend to help our little guy get over his nervousness about starting a new school year. Now a super star day describes any day that is filled with joy.

What would it take for today to be a super star day for you? Our minds usually jump to big, grand pictures, but for my little friend it is the simple blessings that make the day extra special. All it takes is a chance to play outside, friends who are kind, outrunning the girls on the playground, any kind of pasta, and seeing a cow or a helicopter as we drive down the road. Regular, ordinary, everyday things are all he needs to have a super star day.

I want to find that much joy in the simple treasures that fill my day. Many times I am too busy, too stressed, or too distracted to see the super star things that are all around me. I want the chance to be with friends to make me grin. I want the sight of a butterfly to stop in my tracks. I want to be fascinated by the sound of rain or the soft fur of a puppy. I want to be delighted to tell the story of Daniel, or sing Jesus Loves Me at the top of my lungs.

My Jesus Resolution today is to have a super star day. I want to expect joy. I want to anticipate the peace and purpose that walking with God is going to bring to my day. I want to keep my eyes open for all the ways Jesus is present. I want to catalog my blessings, catching each one in its moment and holding onto it with all the determination of a child. I am going to have a super star day today. How about you?



One response

27 04 2011

My super star day was to have the strength and will to super clean the shower. God has blessed me with a squeaky clean bathroom. b,ily,m

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