Blessing, TX

30 03 2011

It made me smile. I was driving along the highway and saw the sign. Blessing, TX – 20 miles. Make a right turn, spend a few minutes on the road, and you could end up in Blessing.

I like the idea of visiting Blessing, but what really captures my imagination is the idea of living in Blessing. Wouldn’t you like Blessing to be the address of your heart? It would be so neat to answer the question, “Where do you live?” by being able to say, “I live in Blessing.” Every time you wrote your address, you would write Blessing. Every time you gave someone directions, you would steer them toward Blessing. Every time you head for home, you set your sights on getting back to Blessing.

While Blessing might not be the physical address of our homes, it can be the address of our hearts. We live in the middle of God’s blessings. He surrounds us with them, causes them to overflow in our lives, and fills us with the blessing of Himself. His presence is the best location for our hearts. His grace brought my lost soul home. He is preparing a room for me in a mansion that promises to move me straight past Struggle Street and Waywardness Way into His arms. I won’t be surprised to look out the window and see that the name of one of the golden streets in heaven is Blessing Boulevard.

My Jesus Resolution today is to map out my blessings. I am going to keep Blessings on my radar. I am going to watch for the way God is working in my day to remind me that He is near. I am not going to take a walk down Discontent Drive or spend time in Selfishness Square. I want to not only see and count my blessings; I want to make them the place where my heart rests.



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7 04 2011
Barbara Bramlett

I am counting my blessings. I am truly blessed.

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