The Clouds

28 03 2011

I was heading home. Settling into my window seat on the airplane, I felt the drain of the weekend pull on my eyes. I really intended to bury myself in my book, hoping that the miles would speed by as I walked in a world of characters and their stories. I put in my earphones, pulled out my book, and glanced out the window.

What I saw caught my breath. We were traveling west as the sun was beginning to sink into the horizon. The sky was painted with an amazing array of orange, red, pink, and yellow. The lights in the sky, however, merely served as a canvas for the wonder of seeing God touch the clouds. Pulled into dramatic peaks, they soared high into the stratosphere like a child who had pulled the top of cotton candy to see how high it could go.

The sun’s backdrop made the clouds luminous. They glowed from within. Darker in the middle, the edges of the clouds were literally gleaming gold. High above the normal vistas of human sight, God put on a spectacular show. He created beauty for the few of us who happened to glance out of the window of a plane.

The clouds helped me see God. He was here amidst the backdrop of sky, sunlight, and billows of white. His hand touched the threads of condensation, mixing them with light to create a moment of pure splendor. The clouds reminded me that God is in the transformation business. What He touches, He transforms and the results are always amazing.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look at the clouds. I am going to listen to the story they tell me about God. I am going to look for His fingerprints in their shape, see His glory in their color, and be reminded of His immensity in their size. I want to let my imagination soar into the sky as light plays off the clouds that fill the heavens, giving me a glimpse into divine beauty. I want to remember not to be so caught up in getting from here to there that I forget to look up and see God all around me.



2 responses

29 03 2011
Oleta Coleman

Ahhh! Awesome paintbox our heavenly Father uses, isn’t it? And wasn’t that so much more life-changing than the book written by a mere mortal? But as you pointed out, we so often miss His wonder — because we are so absorbed with the mundane. Thanks for the beautiful word picture and the timely reminder.

7 04 2011
Barbara Bramlett

I can relate to your description of God’s awesome sunsets and art work.
He is indeed an artist when it comes to colors. I have been blessed to witness some of His magnificent sunsets and majestic mountains. It reminds me of His Greatness. Let’s take time to enjoy His beauty that

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