A Hot Shower

31 03 2011

Sweaty and sticky, I stepped into the shower and let the hot water roll over me. Do you know the feeling? Just standing there letting the water wash away the grime felt like heaven. After a few minutes and a little soap, I started feeling like a new person.

It is amazing how a quick shower can change your perspective. All I did was wash the dirt off, but I went from feeling yucky to feeling refreshed and renewed. Today I am thankful for my shower.

The water coming out of the shower always reminds me of the waterfall that cleanses our souls. Walking in the world makes us sticky. We pick up bits of self-reliance, lost focus, and turmoil while moving through our days. We step in sin, stumble in selfishness, and struggle with surrender. On our own, we are doomed to stay sticky and grimy.

While the hot water in the shower cleans our bodies, the blood of Jesus washes the grime and guilt away from our hearts. His precious blood cascades over a believer’s heart like a waterfall of grace. It continually rinses away the rebellion that so often tramples on my heart, reshaping me into the image of Christ.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be thankful for being clean. I am thankful for clean water, bubbly soap, and big towels. I am even more thankful for the blood that washes the sin away from my soul. His grace and mercy have the power to cleanse even the deepest stain, the nastiest sin, and the most stubborn rebellion. Because of the cross, I don’t have to walk around feeling sticky. I can have a fresh, clean heart today and that feels like heaven.



One response

7 04 2011
Barbara Bramlett

Another great message to remind us that Jesus loves us with all of our
dirty stains. He is always there to wash us clean if we ask. How great is His love for us!!
Barbara Bramlett

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