Upside-Down Kingdom

27 10 2010

Have you ever stood on your head or hung upside-down from a tree branch? It changes your perspective. Things look different. You notice things you didn’t see before. Textures and colors take on different dimensions. Being upside-down causes you to reorient yourself, take in the pieces of the world, and put them together in a different way.

Jesus is King of an Upside-Down kingdom. The world gives us its perspective – put yourself first. Pleasing yourself is the purpose of life. Succeed at all costs. Bigger is better. Newer is a must. You only live once. So immersed are we in this perspective that it seems to take on a logic and reasonableness of its own.

When we become citizens of the kingdom of God, He turns our perspective on its ear. Dying becomes the path to life. Surrender equates to victory. Bending low in service lifts our hearts to new heights. He calls us to turn upside-down and look at life through His eyes. Ancient paths hold relevant truth. Eternity redefines newer, bigger, and better. A cross turns torture into triumph. An empty tomb proclaims abundance and fullness beyond imagining.

My Jesus Resolution today is to check my perspective. Sometimes I get a little too tangled up in the world and its point of view. I am going to watch Jesus and follow His eyes. I am going to listen to His voice and measure the promises of the world against His truth. I am going to cling to the cross and let it reorient my vision, reignite my passion, and retrain my heart. What I might find is that the world is really the topsy-turvy, upside-down one. Standing with Jesus, I get to see things as they are truly meant to be seen.



One response

27 10 2010
brenda hutchens

Casandra –
Thanks, as always, a much needed reminder of what our perspective SHOULD be.
I needed this today. In Christian Love, Brenda

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