Scary Faith

29 10 2010

You could hear the giggles echoing all over the house. My son was playing with a preschooler and the laughter was contagious. I dried my hands, stepping from the kitchen to the family room to see what was producing such joy.

My high-school aged son was crouched on the floor in a football stance. The little guy squealing so infectiously was setting up to launch himself across the room. My son dug in, bracing himself for the “tackle” that was about to come. Our little friend started a full-scale run straight into the outstretched arms awaiting him. A few feet from his target, he vaulted straight into the sky – arms wide open, feet sailing behind him – flying through the air. My son caught him. There were hugs, tickles, and more giggles and then the routine started all over again.

My son caught my eye, marveling at our little friend’s complete trust. “He just knows I will catch him every time,” he said as he prepared for another tackle. “That is a picture of faith in action,” I replied. “Yeah,” my son noted, “scary faith.”

Scary faith. I like that. Not scaredy-cat faith, not timid faith, not weak faith – scary faith. Faith willing to take risks. Faith willing to fly. Faith so confident in the One who is holding us that we are willing to launch ourselves from across the room just to land in His arms. Faith willing to leave the ground in order to experience joy.

Paul put it this way 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  

My Jesus Resolution today is to take a step in scary faith. I am going to move out of my comfort zone and into the arms of God. I am going to relinquish control and let Him take the lead. I am going to take a risk, trusting that He will catch me. I am going to surrender when it doesn’t seem logical. The world may shake its head. It may try to discourage me or dissuade me from running and making the leap. But the world doesn’t know what I know – His arms are open wide and He is waiting for me to fly.



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