25 10 2010

There is a story about a little boy away from home for the first time. Missing his mom and dad, the people around the little boy asked him if he was homesick. The little boy shook his head, gazing at the others with that look only little boys have when they know the right answer and wonder why everyone else can’t see it. “I’m not homesick. I am here sick.”

Do you ever get here sick? Do you ever miss home so much you think your heart is going to break? Ever just feel overwhelmed for the sights, sounds, and nearness of those who make home home? We call it homesickness, but we aren’t sick of home. We are sick of here. Here has lost its appeal. Here doesn’t meet the needs of our hearts. Here is not home.

Christians should have an increasing case of here sickness. As we take on more and more of the image of Christ, we should increasingly feel like we don’t fit in this world. Our walk with God should make us ache for home. To be in the place where we know we truly belong. To be with the One whose arms are truly our refuge and sanctuary.

My Jesus Resolution today is to think a little bit more about home. I can’t wait to see Jesus’ face. My knees long to fall in His presence. My hands ache to touch the hem of His garment. My throat tightens thinking about the songs of praise I want to sing. The little boy is right. I am not homesick. Home is where I want to be. Home is where I want to stay. Home is where my heart feels most, well, at home. I am here sick, and I can’t wait to go home.



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