Knowing Him

23 08 2010

I have been reading through the prophets. It is difficult to listen to the voices of God’s men plead, argue, chastise, and weep at the hard hearts of God’s people. The pages are filled with sobering descriptions of how sin breaks the heart of God, the judgments that will fall heavily on the land, and the lengths God will go to reclaim the love of His children.

Amidst all the dire warnings and calls to repentance, there are an amazing number of promises. One particular promise has become my prayer. Jeremiah 24:7a says, “I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD.”  Isn’t that stunning? I want that. I want a heart that knows the Lord – a heart that seeks His face, longs for His presence, and delights in the adventure of learning more about Him.

Having a heart that knows God will require some major renovation at the very core of who I am. Selfishness and pride must be cleared away. My focus has to be redirected. My desire for control and self-sufficiency will need to be stripped away. The grace of Jesus will have to reach in deeply and touch all of the sticky, grimy, slippery places and shape a new heart – a heart that knows Him.

It is a little scary to ask God for transformation. It means opening my life to His power, His direction, and His holiness. But the alternative is written all over the pages of the prophets. What they teach me is that a heart that knows Him is worth the surrender, because knowing Him is pure joy.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray that God will give me a heart that knows Him. I want to open up my life to the transformation He has in mind for me. I want my deepest desire to be to know Him. I want my focus to be set on seeking His face. In order for God’s promise to be a reality in my life, I will need to put all my desires, the entirety of my focus, and the rhythm of my days in His hands and ask Him to shape them according to His good purpose for me. God always keeps His promises. The question today is whether I will open up my heart enough for them to take deep root in me.



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