Is That God?

25 08 2010

Did you do dot-to-dots when you were a kid? You know, the pictures that sprang to life as you moved your pencil around the page connecting the numbered dots. If you tried to jump ahead or skip a number, the picture became distorted. Follow the pattern, and the whole picture takes shape before your eyes.

Looking for God in our days is a little like connecting the dots. We have to pay attention to the little movements that create His big picture. It takes practice to see the links between prayers and answers, needs and provision, delight and His presence. So often, I move through my day and miss it. I ask God to move, but don’t keep my eyes open. I pour out requests and then fail to see the answers He provides. But the more I pay attention, the more interconnected the pieces of my day become.

It turns out that God shapes each day as an adventure in finding Him. He marks His presence all throughout our days, hoping that we will notice. He pours blessing after blessing into our minutes, each one a call to our hearts. He wants us to move through the sequence of our days filled with anticipation at seeing what picture He is shaping in our lives.

There is no magic formula for learning to connect the dots. It just takes practice. Throughout the day, stop and ask yourself, “Is that God?” If it is good and true, opens your eyes to His presence, and is consistent with God’s character and His Word, then mark it down as a God “dot” in your day. At the end of the day, connect the dots. I guarantee that every day the picture that comes to life will be a picture of Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask more often, “Is that God?” I want to pay attention to His movement, be aware of His presence, and have open eyes to see where He intersects my day. I don’t want to jump ahead of God. Too often I try to skip numbers in a hurry to be done with the picture. Today I am going to let God walk me dot-by-dot through the image He is impressing on my heart. I am going to connect the dots so I can see Jesus.



One response

30 08 2010

Why is it so much easier to see God on some days than others! Often I can see Him in a little hummingbird that flits freely around a bloom or in that orange moon that I saw this weekend, rainbows that sparkle after the rain and the droplet from a leaf. But there are days that I too, rush through my day, and miss Him altogether. Today I am going to “pay more attention to His movement, be aware of His presence and open my eyes to see where He intersects my day.” Thank you for leading me to His presence once again.

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