Set Free

19 08 2010

You are deeply loved. God’s passion for you spills over into every part of your day. The blessings you enjoy are evidence of His care. His power raises the sun, paints the flowers, and puts sparkle into the stars – just for you. He has seen you at your best, and at your worst. He loves you. He knows what you look like in the morning. He sees you doing laundry, cooking dinner, driving your car, and checking your mail. He loves you through all of it. He sees the deep wounds sin leaves on your heart. He aches as He watches the chains of slavery wrap tighter around your soul. He still loves you. He loves you when walk away from Him. He loves you when you run toward His open arms.

He loves you so much. The cross stands as proof of His love. He saw your chains, checked His heart, and made His way toward your Egypt. He fought the dragon, endured the thorns, and spent three nights in a tomb in order to set you free. He loves you. He has been pursuing you your entire life. He calls you name. He holds out His hand. He brushes your cheek with the wind. His dream, His purpose, and His plan all center on bringing you home. He loves you, and He longs to see you free indeed.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”   – John 8:36

This is the life He created you to share with Him. This is the intense desire of His heart. You are the reason He made the journey, endured the thorns, and fought the dragon. Being free indeed means saying “Yes” to Jesus. Every minute. Every day. For the rest of your life.

My Jesus Resolution today is to say “yes” to the set free life Jesus has in mind for me. Being free indeed is, in its essence, the freedom to choose Jesus. Every day you get to choose who you are going to follow. Every day you get to pick where to set your focus. Every day you get to decide which vision you are going to let define your life. Being free indeed is the every day choice to see Jesus, follow Jesus, imitate Jesus, love Jesus, praise Jesus, bow before Jesus, surrender to Jesus, listen to Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and walk like Jesus.

Note – Today’s thoughts come from my new book Set Free that was released this week. Walking with the Israelites as they are released from Egyptian captivity gives us an amazing picture of how God wants to set us free through the cross today. Click on the WOW Books page on my website – – for more information.



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