Camping with God

2 08 2010

I just got back from a week at camp. Each year I go to cook for a beginner’s camp. I make hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream sandwiches and get to be the mess hall hero for a group of kids who have come to camp to meet Jesus.

Camp is a special place. I go there to serve and to connect, but mostly, I go to camp to see God. I am not sure what it is about being there that opens my eyes so wide to His movement, but I see Him more clearly there than just about anywhere else.

This year He showed up everywhere. I saw Him in the teens that take a week of their summer and give it to look like Jesus for younger kids. Every night they talked about where they had seen God during the day, the lessons they had learned in unexpected places, and their desire to serve with bigger hearts. I saw Him in the kids who ran, laughed, played, and absorbed words about God like a sponge. I saw Him in adults who spent their days fixing toilets, putting on band-aids, hauling water, and blowing whistles in order for others to see Jesus. God worked in the weather, in manila envelopes, and frozen biscuits. I spent the whole week smiling because everywhere I turned, God was there.

My Jesus Resolution today is to walk through this week with eyes as wide open as at camp. I know He is here just as much as there. He works in every one of my days to bring me closer to His heart. I am going to look for Him in the people that surround me, in the laughter and tears that ring through my house, and in both the freezer and the laundry. Today I may not be at camp, but I still want to see God.



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