The Best Gift Ever

30 07 2010

What was the best gift you ever received? Stop and think about that moment. Can you remember the day? How you felt when you opened it? The face of the person who gave it to you? I don’t know if your favorite gift was extravagant or homemade. Maybe it was a small gesture or a grand presentation. It could have been a moment of quietness or a time of great festivity. Whatever gift you received, it probably isn’t the “what” that made it special. It was the “who”. Someone took an extra measure of time to think about you. They put thought and care into choosing something that spoke straight to your heart. The gift said something about how special your relationship is and how they value you and what you share together. Something about that special gift revealed a sacrifice made by the one who gave it to you – a sacrifice of time, money, energy, creativity, or love. That is what makes it the very best gift of all. They gave themselves to you.

We usually view sacrifice in grand and noble terms – big moments, extravagant surrender. Sacrifice is simply a gift of yourself. We give ourselves because the person at the other end is worth it. We are willing to give more, go farther, and dig deeper to give another a glimpse of our hearts. That is what Jesus did for us. He gave us Himself because He thinks you are worth it. He went to extraordinary lengths to show you His heart. It was for pure love and deep joy that He offered Himself as the very best gift. He fills today with the gift of His presence.

My Jesus Resolution today is to take time to open the gestures of love He places in my path today. I don’t just want to enjoy the “what”. I want to look for the “Who,” and say thank you. His presence in my day will be the best gift ever.



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