28 07 2010

I got to ride in the car with a toddler this week. I had forgotten how special those times in the seats can be. He demanded an ongoing conversation. He wanted to comment on everything, ask about whatever came to his mind, and look in wonder at dump trucks, school buses, and helicopters. Usually, driving my car is about getting from point A to point B. I turn on some music, put the car in drive, and focus on reaching my destination. My little friend’s joy came from enjoying the journey. We sang the traffic light song at every light. We squealed with delight looking for cherry pickers. We counted dump trucks traveling down the road and wondered where they might be headed. The drive became an adventure because he challenged me to pay attention.

How often do we live in auto-pilot? Going through our routines, walking through our days focused on getting to the next place and crossing the next thing off the list. How much beauty, wonder, and just plain fun do we miss because we don’t really stop to pay attention? Jesus challenges us to do just that – slow down and look. See His fingerprints on the world around us and catch our breath in wonder. Enjoy the moment because this is where God is present.

My Jesus Resolution today is to slow down and enjoy the ride. I am going to pay attention, really pay attention, to the ways God is making Himself known all around me. I want to look for beauty, watch for wonder, and find joy in the journey. His fingerprints are can be found in every moment. Each one reveals His deep love and His plan to bring me home. God has an adventure planned for me today. I am looking forward to the drive.



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