26 07 2010

The way we face disappointment says a great deal about our faith. We all deal with disappointment. Things just don’t always go our way. We have hopes and dreams that die on the vine. We get impatient about timing, feel anxious about the way things are unfolding, and, at times, watch as others live the lives we thought we were meant to live.

In those moments when disappointment defines our hearts, we have an opportunity. How we deal with disappointment depends in great measure on what we understand about the heart of God. It is easy in times of disappointment to blame God. Why didn’t He deliver? Doesn’t He care? Why did He let this happen to me?

God wants us to use moments of disappointment to realign our hearts with His heart. The truths we know about the heart of God have the power to put boundaries and perspective around our disappointments. God is always good. What He does or does not do on our behalves will always be His very best. God’s timing is always perfect. The “when” that I worry about so much is completely in His control. He will always move at precisely the right moment and in exactly the right way. God’s faithfulness is always sure. I can trust my heart to His loving care.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let God shape my disappointments. I am not going to let my disappointments define my view of God. Instead, I am going to look for His fingerprints and search for His movement. I am going to trust His goodness, rest in His timing, and depend on His faithfulness. I am going to step back from the disappointment and step into the arms of God. He will never let me down.



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