4 08 2010

My walk this morning was quieter and a little lonely. My dog died this week. It was sudden and unexpected. We are heartbroken, yet thankful.

God used Shelby in so many ways to teach us about His heart. A dog’s unconditional love, delight in your presence, and simple nearness hold echoes of God. She helped heal a little boy’s fear, provided companionship, and made us feel safe. She exemplified gratitude, loyalty, and trust. She was a dog we rescued from a shelter. She reminded us of the power of redemption. The lessons God planted in our time with Shelby were meant to turn our hearts to the Lord.

God has always used animals to point people to His presence and purpose. God sent Balaam a donkey to help him learn to listen to the Lord. He used lions to show Daniel and Darius His power. Jonah tells us of lessons learned within a great fish. Jesus uses sparrows to remind us of God’s immense love and care. So it comes as no surprise today to think of all the ways that God used a dog to bring the reality of His presence into our family.

My Jesus Resolution today is to not underestimate the ways God is speaking to me. He is always calling to our hearts. Sometimes He uses a wagging tail.



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6 08 2010
Glenda Koctar

Our pets become members of our family and it hurts our hearts when they are gone. I know you will miss your sweet Shelby. We love our 14 1/2 yr old cocker, Tessa, and know her time is getting short.

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