12 07 2010

God showed me something important about my heart this morning. My dog and I were out for our morning walk. We get up early, starting our rounds as the sun comes peeking over the horizon. My dog walks faithfully by my left side. She sticks close, and we enjoy the time together before the busyness of the day sets in.

Shelby (my dog) doesn’t like sprinklers. She was a rescue dog so we don’t know what happened in her past that made sprinklers the enemy, but she is terrified of them. She watches for them. She can hear the sound of a sprinkler turning on a half a block away. And she goes out of her way to avoid them.

Walking early in the morning inevitably means we encounter sprinklers. This morning, the gushing of a sprinkler sent Shelby scrambling. She moved from my left side to my right side. Not a big move from her perspective, but for me it was scary. A car was coming up fast on my right side.

Shelby is okay, but God used the moment to teach me an important lesson. How many times do I scramble to avoid something that makes me uneasy, only to move into a far more dangerous situation? God wants me to stay by His side. Sometimes He has me walk into circumstances that I would rather avoid because walking another way would not be what is best for me. I grumble and complain about the sprinkler, while God has His eye on the speeding car.

My Jesus Resolution today is to trust God in the sprinkler moments of life. In walking by His side, I will always be safe. He will lead me the right way. He will guide my steps and guard my paths. He is watching out for my best, moving me in the way that is going to bring me closer to His heart. I might have to walk through a sprinkler today, but I am going to trust God’s perspective rather than listening to my own wisdom. I would rather get a little wet with God, than try to walk it on my own.



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