New Life

9 07 2010

Birth announcements are the best. They are sent out to share all the joy, dreams, and beauty of new life. In receiving them, we are asked to celebrate the miracle of new life. They give us a chance to stand back and marvel at one of God’s mightiest miracles. Each new life frames hope, inspires goodness, and renews love.

Birth announcements give us the opportunity to both look back with nostalgia and fond memories, and to look forward with anticipation and joy. Each time I receive a birth announcement, I flip through memories of the times new life touched my heart. I reconnect with the wide-eyed wonder, deep delight, and overwhelming sense of God’s nearness that new life brought into focus. I get to retrace the transformation that unfolded within me because new life walked into my heart.

We also get to look forward. New life pushes open the door of new possibilities just a little bit wider. Each one is a declaration that God is at work, He has a plan, and His purposes continue to unfold on the earth.

I received the best kind of birth announcement today. Someone I love called to tell me he was baptized into the name and blood of Jesus today. New life at its grandest. My son heard the news and shouted, “Happy New Birthday!” It is a day to celebrate God’s power and love. A day to look back and recapture the wonder of the new life God is willing to work within us all. A day to look forward to the moment when our new life in heaven will begin.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate new life. God is still working miracles. Baptism frames the very best one of all – the move from sinner to saint, darkness to light, foreigner to family, and old to new. God longs to continue to pour new life into me. He makes things new every morning, moving in my life to reconstruct, refresh, and rebuild me into the image of Jesus. Angels rejoice over new life every day. It is the spark for heaven’s biggest celebrations. Let’s RSVP and join them.



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