Be Silent

14 07 2010

“But the Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth be silent before Him.”     Habakkuk 2:20

We live in a noisy world. Multiple voices compete for our attention. Advertisers try to fill our hearts with desire. News anchors want to shape how we see the world. Musicians long to have their songs playing in our heads. Sound fills the air when we are in the elevator, on hold on the phone, or walking through the grocery store.

Habakkuk reminds us of the necessity to be quiet before the Lord. Enter the temple of His presence and be still. The silence that flows from respect, adoration, and awe realigns our perspective. When we still our hearts in His presence, we are able to tune out the chatter of the world and listen to the loving voice of our Father. He makes Himself known to us through gentle whispers, quiet tugs on our hearts, and hushed invitations to walk close to His side.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make a conscious effort to turn down the world’s noise. I am going to still my heart and be silent before Him. I am not going to let busyness, or to-do lists, or nagging worries keep me from listening to the voice of my God. I am going to take a few minutes today to cover my mouth and open my heart. No telling what I might hear in those holy moments.



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